🏈 NFT Experience


Fan Controlled Football, a client of Brave People, is a professional 7-on-7 Indoor football league created in 2017 as the first sports league controlled by fans. All games are played at the Pullman Yards in Atlanta, Georgia and broadcast on Twitch, NBCLX, DAZN, FuboTV, and Peacock.

Role: Product Designer

Platforms: Mobile Web, iOS, Android

Timeline: December 2021 - April 2022

The Problem

Heading into their second season, FCF was needing ways to engage existing and new fans as well as generate more revenue.

The Solution

As an additional strategy, we created "Ballerz Collective" - a customizable set of 20,500 unique NFT avatars that are programmatically generated and exclusively managed by fans of the league. Each avatar consists of over 150 possible traits and accessories. Eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and skin are permanent and non-customizable traits that make up the "base level" Ballerz. I collaborated with the design director at Brave People on the UI/UX of the experience.

Wireframes & Mockups

“The Brave People team has done a masterful job at capturing the essence of the energy and edginess of FCF and projecting it through their designs and UX for our site, mobile apps and branding elements. Simply put, Brave People crushes it.”

— Steve Adler — CTO, Fan Controlled Football

Agency: Brave People

Client of Brave People: FCF

Description: As a product designer for the digital creative agency, Brave People, I provided product design for this NFT experience.

Rights: All visual content was created and is solely owned by Brave People.