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Fan Controlled Football, a client of Brave People, is a professional 7-on-7 Indoor football league created in 2017 as the first sports league controlled by fans.

All games are played at the Pullman Yards in Atlanta, Georgia and broadcast on Twitch, NBCLX, DAZN, FuboTV, and Peacock.

Role: Product Designer
Platforms: Desktop & Mobile Marketing Site
Date: March 2022 - April 2022

The marketing site for the first season of FCF did not provide fans with all the important sports information that they craved.

The website lacked crucial statistics that could have helped fans to better understand team and player performance, as well as schedules that would have given them the ability to plan their viewing experience. Furthermore, scores were not readily available, which meant that fans had to turn to other sources to find out who won or lost. These deficiencies, while not fatal to the league's success, could have been avoided with better planning and execution of the marketing campaign.

To improve the user experience of our website, we drew inspiration from successful sports websites.

We conducted research on the most frequently visited sports websites and analyzed their layouts, features, and functions. We then incorporated elements that we believed would enhance the user experience, such as clear navigation menus, interactive widgets, and visually appealing graphics. By mimicking successful sports websites, we were able to create a website that is both functional and visually appealing for our users, without requiring much cognitive reload.

“The Brave People team has done a masterful job at capturing the essence of the energy and edginess of FCF and projecting it through their designs and UX for our site, mobile apps and branding elements. Simply put, Brave People crushes it.”

— Steve Adler — CTO, Fan Controlled Football

Agency: Brave People
Client of Brave People: FCF
Description: As a product designer for the digital creative agency, Brave People, I provided product design for these scores, stats and schedule pages.
Rights: All visual content was created and is solely owned by Brave People.