💳 Allow customers to configure default a billing method

🪶 Feathr is an all-in-one marketing platform tailored for nonprofit organizations.

The app needed to implement a feature to allow users to assign a default billing method to their account, as per new Ts&Cs from Finance/Ops. Customers must agree to place a default billing method (CC or bank account) on file for platform and media billing. While customers can add multiple billing methods to Feathr to separate billing for different things, they must have one primary/default billing method on file.

The app at the time did not support placing a default billing method on file for platform, media, and services billing. Additionally, there is no guidance or penalty for customers who do not have a default billing method on file.

💡The goal was to implement a way for users to store a default billing method on file.

Empty State
Add Default Billing Method
Update Default Billing Method
Add Additional Billing
Update Additional Billing Method

Customers will be able to configure a default billing method on Feathr, meeting the new Ts&Cs requirements.

Accounts without a default billing method will have limited in-app access and will be guided to complete the setup, ensuring compliance and a streamlined billing experience.