🦎 New Coverage Experience

I worked with the GEICO design team to complete a redesign of the new coverage experience at sales.geico.com.

Role: Product Designer
Platforms: Mobile Web

Date: July - September 2022
Timeline: 8 weeks

The Problem

The problem with the previous coverage experience at sales.geico.com was that it was outdated and unintuitive. Customers had difficulty understanding the coverage options available to them and were often unsure if they were selecting the right coverage for their needs. This resulted in a poor user experience and a high rate of customer churn.

The Solution

The solution for the new Geico coverage experience was to create a new, reimagined coverage experience for prospective customers to dynamically customize their coverage and realtime show updates to what the changes cost. The goal of this redesign was to increase customer satisfaction and retention. I collaborated with another designer on the UI/UX.

User Testing

We conducted user testing to ensure that the new coverage experience was easy to use and understand. The feedback from users was positive, with many commenting on the improved clarity and ease of selecting the right coverage options for their needs.

Agency: Brave People

Client of Brave People: Geico

Description: As a product designer for the digital creative agency, Brave People, I provided product design for this new coverage experience.

Rights: All visual content was created and is solely owned by Brave People.